#072 – The Shack (Chp. 10 – Walk on Water) – Pt 8 [Podcast]

Mack’s walk with Jesus quickly becomes a test to see if Mack trusts Jesus.Heading off down the dock, Jesus walks past all the boats, not stopping until he reaches the end.

Walk on Water

Walk on Water

Mack is thinking that it’s awfully cold for a swim and a long way to the other side of the lake, but he’s game if Jesus is. Then he realizes that Jesus isn’t planning on swimming. He really wants to walk with Mack – across the lake.

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“The Shack – Chp. 10 – Walk on Water” Show Notes

Mack is reminded of Peter and his experience on the Sea of Galilee. He knew that Peter was able to walk on the water with Jesus as long as he kept his eyes on him and did not look at the waves below. Mack is not sure exactly how one launches off a dock for a “walk on the water,” but he is willing to try. He’s not surprised to find that, while his shoes and socks are wet, he is indeed able to walk on the surface of the lake. Chuckling, Jesus joins him, with his dry shoes and socks in his hand and says, “We usually take off our shoes and socks when we cross the lake.”

Mack finds himself relaxing in the presence of Jesus and is so taken with their conversation about why God made a man before he made a female, that he says to Jesus that he wishes Nan was here with him. With a gentle reminder that Mack had made the decision to not tell her about the note, Jesus walks with Mack back across the lake and then points to a path that leads into the woods. “Go,” he says to Mack, “someone is waiting for you.”

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