#071 – The Shack (Chp. 9 – The Garden) – Pt 7 [Podcast]

Mack’s next encounter is with Sarayu whom he has decided is the Holy Spirit … in the garden of his soul. She is gentle, somewhat ethereal, but also down-to-earth in her gardener clothes.

Garden of the Soul

Garden of the Soul

She is delighted at Mack’s assessment of her garden as “chaotic,” although she assures him that her garden isn’t just a mess of colorful flowers with no pattern but a conglomeration of fractals with its own sense of order.

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“The Shack – Chp. 9 – The Garden” Show Notes

They talk about good and evil and how the first evil act caused a great sorrow in the garden as they chose to remove themselves from her, thus moving from life to death and from light to darkness. Mack is once again filled with indignation that his precious child was not protected from the evil that they allowed into the world. His claim that Missy had a right to be protected is met with a firm but even more puzzling response, “A child is protected because she is loved, not because she has a right to be protected.”

This statement rankles in Mack’s mind but Sarayu suddenly presents him with two sack lunches and the news that Jesus is waiting to take a walk and have lunch with him. He turns to look and sees Jesus then turns back to Sarayu but she is gone like the wind.

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