#037 – Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright (Pt 12 – Rethinking Salvation) [Podcast]

We have now reached the point where we must ask: So what? Is all this talk about God’s ultimate future, about “life after life after death,” simply a matter of tidying up our beliefs about what will happen in the very end, or does it have any practical consequences here and now? Is it simply a matter of getting our teaching and preaching right and of ordering our funerals and other liturgies so that they reflect biblical teaching about death and what lies beyond instead of nonbiblical and even antibiblical ideas that have crept into the church here and there?

Rethinking Salvation

Rethinking Salvation

Yes, there is a promised rest after the labors of this life, and the word heaven may be an appropriate, though vague, way of denoting where this rest takes place. But this time of rest is the prelude to something very different, which will emphatically involve earth as well. Earth—the renewed earth—is where the reign will take place, which is why the New Testament regularly speaks not of our going to be where Jesus is but of his coming to where we are, as we saw in the previous part of the book. When we get this, we must rethink everything we’ve thought about in terms of evangelism, missions, and even salvation itself.

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“Rethinking Salvation” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Your Work is Not in Vain
  • The Present Stretches Into the Future
  • The Meaning of Salvation
  • The Kingdom of God

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