#024 – People of the Spirit (Blood Covenant Pt 17) [Podcast]

The New Testament knows nothing of an isolated believer living in a private relationship to God. Each individual believer is joined to Christ and therefore to His body, the people of God.

People of the Spirit

People of the Spirit

The covenant is not with us as individuals but with the “people” who are in Christ, with whom the covenant is made. We have an intensely personal relationship with God in Christ, but we do not have an individual relationship; it is a corporate one.

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“People of the Spirit” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Review of the previous episode
  • Upcoming Book Study on Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright
  • N.T. Wright on the Gospel
  • Joined to the Body of Christ
  • The New Community
  • The Community of Agape
  • Your Place in the Church

“People of the Spirit” Episode Resources

In this episode I mentioned several resources, including:

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  • this is an awesome post . I have appreciated each and every individual as a member of the body of Christ. we eat and feed from Christ .
    However i have a n issue with the part which you said that the church is a group of imperfect people embarking on a journey where God invites us into his perfection. Humanly speaking our thoughts, attitudes and perception may be different and may not manifest the full knowledge of God but my idea or conviction of the church is the body perfected by Christ for its Christ who prepares and marries the bride.

    Now the church that is perfected ,washed by the blood of the lamb is in the process of becoming aware or realizing the hope that she has, the inheritance she has among the saints. and eph 4 ; the purpose of ministry now is to bring us together to the unity of faith. This doesnt mean that our thoughts , patterns and expression become similar but that each member of the body realises who he or she is in Christ and to come to the full revelation of the knowledge of the glory of God (God’s mystery)which is Christ in us the hope of glory

    • Kevin, that is a wonderful description of who we are in Christ together. Thanks for posting this!