#020 – Sins Remembered No More (Blood Covenant Pt 13) [Podcast]

We have seen that Jesus lived and died as our representative; therefore, the men and women who believe are participators and sharers in all that He suffered, endured, and earned. On the cross, He stood as us not in some monstrous pretend game but in awful, agonizing reality. We were truly there in Him and He as us received pardon, justification, and resurrection. These blessings of covenant were given to Him first as our representative and then to us as we are united with Him and participate with Him through the Spirit.

Sins Remembered No More

Sins Remembered No More

When God raised Him from the dead, He declared that the penalty for our sins, which Jesus had freely taken, had been paid in full; our sentence placed on Him was fulfilled. Jesus risen from the dead is Jesus no longer carrying our sins that took Him to death. He as our representative was forgiven of all our transgressions; our guilt no longer weighs Him down, and He has been freed from all necessity of further punishment for them. If Jesus is alive from the dead, we are forgiven of all our sin!

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“Sins Remembered No More” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Review of the previous episode
  • The First of New Covenant Blessings
  • What is sin?  What is forgiveness?
  • Old Covenant Forgiveness
  • Sins remembered no more

“Sins Remembered No More” Episode Resources

In this episode I mentioned several resources, including:


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