#069 – The Shack (Chp. 7 – God on the Dock) – Pt 5 [Podcast]

Mack’s introduction to the three holy beings continues and he is delighted to watch the relationship among them. Each one seems to have a particular message and so their conversations with each other take on a different tone.

God on the Dock

God on the Dock

As they begin to share what they have to teach him Mack is overjoyed at the holy relationship between them and that they are more than willing to share that with him.

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“The Shack – Chp. 7 – God on the Dock” Show Notes

He struggles with what he sees and hears, asking the same question that he and millions of others have asked for centuries – “If you know everything, why do I have to tell you anything?” Watching them with awe, he learns about the true essence of relationship from a simple incident that, in his world, would have resulted in blaming and angry words. While making a cake, Jesus drops a bowl of batter, covering the floor, as well as God’s clothes and feet with a sticky, gooey mess. There is no yelling, no cursing, and no one blames Jesus for the accident, and while Mack watches the whole scene with some amusement, he realizes that God’s feet are a mess. But he is bowled over by the next scene – Jesus is washing God’s feet.

Mack understands fully that he and his fellow humans fall way short of this kind of loving relationship but he is still not completely aware that it is this very truth that will drive him to his knees long before it sets him free.

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