#031 – Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright (Pt 6 – New Creation) [Podcast]

The early Christians did not believe in progress. They did not think the world was getting better and better under its own steam—or even under the steady influence of God. They knew God had to do something fresh to put it to rights. But neither did they believe that the world was getting worse and worse and that their task was to escape it altogether. They were not dualists.

New Creation

New Creation

Since most people who think about these things today tend toward one or other of those two points of view, it comes as something of a surprise to discover that the early Christians held a quite different view. They believed that God was going to do for the whole cosmos what he had done for Jesus at Easter. This is such a surprising belief, and so little reflected on even in Christian circles, still less outside the church, that we must set it out step by step and show how the different early writers developed different images that together add up to a stunning picture of a future for which, so they insisted, the whole world was waiting on tiptoe.

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“New Creation” Show Notes

In this episode, I share on the following topics:

  • Fundamental Structures of Hope
  • Seedtime and Harvest
  • The Victorious Battle
  • Citizens of Heaven
  • God Will Be All in All
  • New Birth
  • The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

“New Creation” Episode Resources

In this episode I mentioned several resources, including:

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